Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kanzler Steam Transport

Met with Ernie Kanzler yesterday. He is looking for all the engineers who used to work for him in the 70s for KST or Kanzler Steam Transport. He had then created a very efficient engine that was lubricated by water before his company got mysteriously sabatoged by unknown important officials who couldn't AFFORD to have fuel replaced with water. Hmmmm. Imagine that, greed? Well, there is new interest in bringing back his ideas if such engineers can be rounded up again. If anybody out there knows how to contact people who worked for KST, have them reply here so I can pass their name on to Ernie...


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Jerry Wolfe said...

My name is Jerry Alward, I am a former GM designer, and am familiar with Ernie's steam project in Newport Beach. I would like to hear from Ernie if possible, My phone number is 707 694 5964, I am located in Santa Rosa, Ca. Thank you so much.