Sunday, September 30, 2007

Halloween Coming

Well it's that time of year. Everybody around town is talking about their Halloween costumes. Of course Anne and Lisa have their's figured out, I think they started in March. Last year Lisa was the Moaning Lisa and Anne Picasso. Playing with words is fun. Tracy's cousin Rebecca said she dressed as the Bat Mobile one year, had a mobile on top of her head with bats hanging off of it. Her husband was a chick magnet, with chicken magnets stuck to him. Ah to be original. In Jerome it is a tough crowd, people's costume's are pretty amazing. Of course their are always the tons of prostitutes - the default costume in Jerome. I think people love the opportunity to live out their alter-ego.

My Geisha outfit was fun last year but a lot of work putting all of that white face makeup on. Karen was going as Kill Bill but was Kill Jim, she recently went through a divorce.

So, it out to be interesting this year. We shall see.

Here is a photo from last year's Halloween:

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