Saturday, April 15, 2017

Finding Quality Durable Products

As we move into the minimalism era, most people are seeking to buy less. When buying less, the things you do buy must be important to you, of high quality and high craftsmanship.

The problem with this is, as you guessed, many products claim they are made with fine craftsmanship but then fail.

I purchased a pair of Blundstone Boots, made in Australia, known to be the durable workboot for all. I bought the very expensive men's workbook expecting this 49 year old woman should be able to pull off using them for a while. What I discovered that it wasn't long after owning them and nicely breaking in the leather that the sole began to disintegrate. The rubber bottom literally began to peel apart.

I of course love these boots so I tried to super-glue them closed, that didn't last long. I tried wearing them with the sole flapping about and it would catch on things (this is how much I love these boots). Finally, I realized I would have to settle for another pair of shoes I owned until I could find a remedy.

I went onto the Blundstone website and yes, they still claim they are the most DURABLE and most comfortable boot ever made. Yes on the comfortable - amen and absolutely

My durable?

Here I am relaxing in my home with my favorite boots. This was taken last year. I would wear them all the time and everywhere.

So now here I am, trying to fix my boots and find a solution. I think, Blundstone is a great brand, I will contact them to determine if they can re-sole my boots. I put up a post on Twitter.


So, so sad to have my very favorite boots fall apart. Glued 2x and no they are unwearable. Any repair solutions?

Hi Pamela, The soles of our boots are applied using a liquid injection of the polyurethane (PU) into a mould which is then applied to the leather upper. This create the softness and comfort underfoot but means, however, the footwear cannot easily be resoled. We have heard of some who have attempted to have them resoled but it was expensive, and usually requires the PU soling to be ground away and another hard sole to be adhered to the upper.
Do let us know if the boots are within two years of purchase. Cheers, Blundstone Australia

So that was that. By the time you break in their wonderful leather upper - the boot will probaby disintegrate.

So bummed out about this. Who makes quality solid boots that can hold up with every day activity these days?