Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jerome Books

There are a handful of interesting books on Jerome's history that everybody should read before visiting Jerome or while here. They tell great stories of Jerome's past, a definate microcosm of the happenings of the west. They all can be purchased at the Jerome Historical Society's website at

They include:
The Ghosts of Cleopatra Hill
This book by Herbert Young describes Jerome's meager beginnings as an isolated mining camp in the late 1800s and its growth into the fourth largest city in the Territory of Arizona. Read about the five men of Spain that first visited Jerome's mines in 1583, the prospectors who staked new claims in 1876 and the men who settled Jerome.

They Came To Jerome
This is the most comprehensive book about Jerome's history during the mining era. It chronicles the town's life from its beginnings as a copper camp in the late 1800s through its mining heyday before the Great Depression.

Verde Valley Railroads
Another book by Russell Wahmann. The growth of Jerome into one of the great industrial mining centers of the Southwest could not have happened without the railroads. They brought miners and mining executive, cattlemen, merchants, madams, tools and equipment; and transported billions of dollars worth of copper, plus gold, silver and zinc ore. Russell Wahmann spent hundreds of hours to research and find the information and rare photographs that make this book a historic gem.

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