Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

I have yet to see the infamous Brokeback Mountain. I am glad to see that Annie Proulx is getting more recognition lately. I interviewed her last year for a magazine in Arizona as she was attending a local book festival/workshop weekend. Unfortunatley the magazine went bankrupt before I was able to print the story. So much for my big celebrity story.

I recently interviewed Maynard Keenan in regards to his new wine he has come out with. Again, tried to sell the story to a couple of wine magazines, no takes. Maybe it's a sign that my writing has come to an end and I need to move on. I'm making more money in direct relation to real estate these days - go figure.

Life on the hill is as wonderful and complex as ever. Our Sunday morning breakfasts are growing and we are running out of room in our homes. The breakfast started off with a couple of us business owners getting together at the restaurant to discuss business. That got too expensive after a while and we started to go to one another's homes. Now, there are at least sixteen or more people coming. Plus - although we started off with the basic eggs and bacon, people are getting all fancy now and cooking breakfast burritos, and breakfast items I don't know the names to. This has raised the breakfast bar - now Tracy and I have to scan the cookbooks to come up with something a little above and beyond our scrambled eggs and potatoes. Geez.

There is a new store in town - Puff and Stuff. Haven't been in there yet, not that I'm in the need for a pot pipe. I heard they were going to sell sex toys - but not sure that was a go as there was a bit of contraversy around it. The store is next to our old store, The Sage Post.

Our apartment sold. Not sure what the new owner has in mind, haven't heard from them. There are three of us sharing this house so to speak - we all have our own entries and the floors aren't connected - but it is one house. Many homes in Jerome were broken up this way to take in borders and workers in the mines. I'm sure our apartment had once been at least two rooms before it was opened into one. Our middle floor is sandwiched in between two bachelors. Sometimes we all go out to the bar, like we were all family - feels that way as we can each hear everything that is going on in one another's apartments....


Raddu said...

So...where can we read the interview with Maynard?

psafkow said...

If I ever make it out that direction, I'll be happy to cook breakfast for everyone.

(I'm an old friend of Tracy's)