Sunday, January 22, 2006

Melissa Etheridge

Went out last night to the Mile High Grille, has been a while since we've been out so I've missed out on the local gossip. Seems Melissa Etheridge was at the restaurant two weeks ago and the highlight, besides seeing her, was that the waitress was ecstatic that she was tipped $80 for a cup of coffee by her. I think it made her day and maybe her lifetime. Not sure how celebrities find Jerome, maybe because of its proximity to Sedona - or we are just a really cool place to visit!!

Being that I don't consider myself a gossip columnist, I don't go out fishing for the goings-ons of Jerome, but gossip certainly spreads fast here. Most of it isn't worth repeating in a blog, its all personal stuff about individuals - as gossip usually is. Now if these individuals were celebrities, well then, the reader would find it more interesting. But, we are just average people and so all I can write about is my own life and the people around me - so.....

This morning is Sunday morning breakfast club - 9 a.m. We take turns going to various individuals homes. We started off going to the restaurant, but that adds up financially so we decided to just take turns cooking. Have to say, it is much more enjoyable to be surprised by the hosts offerings of breakfast than to just order from a menu.

Last night was Out In Jerome, unfortunately not a whole lot of people were out. But we are planning a Mardi Gras party for March - it started off as an idea to celebrate Lisa Petty's 40th birthday. It turned into an idea for a town party. We will have gumbo and drinks in the park - (as in Jerome, you can have alcohol in the kids park- go figure) and we will have a short parade. Maybe it will become an annual event.

Tania Katan was back in town last night. She, a much more notorious writer than I'll ever be, was telling me of a website She has been contributing to it. She is working on her second book right now. In the past she has written many plays and is funny as hell. We are both currently writing for Outlook Arizona - I feel my writing has been on hold as I have been spending more time working - the kind of work that brings instant cash work. It aint' cheap living in this area - this is the downside of being in beautiful Jerome or the Verde Valley. Cost of living is high, wages and jobs are terrible. So be it.

That is all the news for now - until I find out what else is going on, of course it maybe two weeks after, but hey!


larry said...

amazing stuff from a cool town

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know how Melissa ended up in Jerome, she was on her way home to Leavenworth kansas, rented a van and packed the whole family to do a road trip.
after her chemo that was the kind of family time she wanted to spent.
For her it was special to end up in little towns like that.
good writing btw. keep going.

Anonymous said...

Karen says hi...and write more stories about good old Jerome...