Saturday, January 08, 2005

Still Snowing

Can't believe it is still snowing here. Beautiful! Gives me a chance to catch up on some freelance work. Just got an assignment to do short stories on odd information about the state of Michigan. Anybody out there know odd information? Discovered Colon, Michigan is known as the Magic Capital of the World. Working on that one. The stories are for the Bathroom Reader. Funny how somebodies ideas take off into such a successful series. Same goes for Chicken Soup for The Soul - the creators found a niche and went with it. I love to see success.

Found the link to the television interiew about Jerome. The clips include myself, our Chief of Police Alan Muma, and Mike Rollins from the state park. It is under October 9 Jerome

Lots of traffic this morning through Jerome. People love the opportunity to see snow in Arizona. The town below us, Cottonwood, which is only 7 miles away, rarely gets snow, so they all come up the mountain to play in it. The road is finally open over the pass. Our postmaster can now get over without having to go the long way. Her car broke down two days ago and the mail was late. It took two hours for a tow truck to pick her up. It seems that although people in Arizona love to get out in the snow, nobody knows how to actually drive in it. Tow trucks were called out to places as far as 50 miles away to dig peopl out of their foolishness.

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