Thursday, January 06, 2005


Finally some moisture in Jerome. With Arizona having been in a drought for the last six years, the snow has been well welcomed. Not good for business, but still well welcomed. Being a town dependent on tourists, the town nearly closes down when it snows. Nobody wants to brave the windy and hilly drive up here with weather. So, us townies just hangout. We put up the closed sign and visit the restaurants or bars. Tracy and I decided to attend the Chamber Meeting. We found it had been moved from the English Kitchen as they are closed for the whole month. After walking around and looking in windows of the other three restaurants, we discovered it had been moved to the Mile High Inn. Our friends Liz and Jeanne just purchased the place and Liz was there trying to get the gas heater lit. Waitresses were walking about in coats, gloves and beanies. The only local guy didn't have a clue how to light a furnace and sure wasn't going to try. It wasn't until our Chief of Police Alan Muma came in, lit the furnace. Alan, who happens to own a bed and breakfast was attending the chamber meeting too. All was well again by 9:30 am.

Tracy and I then came back up to the store, turned up our own heaters and started to work on personal projects. Tracy is learning how to make custom journals. I am working on our website - trying to get it up to par.

The quietude of the town was added to by the Hwy 89A road closure to Prescott. Seems the old rock wall built under the road in the early 1900s washed out with all the rain we received.

Tracy couldn't get out of town yesterday, not because of the road but because of the huge snowball fight on Main Street. They were using Tracy's car for a shield and snow. The snowplow didn't show up until today, now that the snow is all melted off the roads. They plowed anyway, making quite a ruckous.

Kelly is here today teaching Tracy how to work with her journals. Kelly's work is amazing - we sell her journals in the store. Working with paper and book binding is so fascinating.

Diana, who lives in the apartment above us, came in today too. She brought down her baked goods for us to sell. The difficult part is not eating them all before the customers have a chance at them. She is an amazing cook. We are in the habit of calling her Pearl Jam Dave's Diana. She was with Dave, the first drummer from Pearl Jam, when she moved here. We need to remember it's just Diana.

As for other celebrities, Maynard Keenan from Tool is building a huge vineyard on his property in town. Bo came in today to get a cigar and said it is quite the project - stacking rock and building the vineyard on the cliffside. I wonder how the climate is up here for grapes? Seems it would be too cold. Guess we will see.

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