Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dancing At The Spirit Room

One of my favorite things to do - dance in the Spirit Room Bar. I don't go as often as I'd like and now I have narrowed my trips to weekends when Combo Deluxe is playing. So why dancing at the Spirit Room? Because you don't necessarily have to know how to dance. And, people of all sizes, ages and walks of life join in the fun. You probably won't find a more diverse and accepting group than this bar in Jerome on the weekends.

The Spirit Room isn't a large bar mind you, it's like an old saloon pulled right from the Westerns, minus the card tables and player piano in the corner. Despite the subtractions, the space is the perfect size to get lost in, to grab a beer, stand in a corner and people watch until you are toasted enough to get out on that dance floor yourself.

If you haven't tried your new dance moves out, there is no better place than Jerome's Spirit Room.

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