Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hummers Delivering Newspapers??

Tracy and I were sitting out on our deck this morning enjoying our coffee and cigarette, our usual morning ritual, when a new white Hummer came speeding by. Who owns that car we pondered, as in this small town we all know each other’s vehicles. In Jerome, it is unlikely anybody would own a Hummer, the roads are too narrow and parking too tight. We watched the vehicle go by when we noticed it was stopping at neighbor’s homes across the mountain, throwing out papers. We watch it every morning doing this. A newspaper person driving a Hummer? Maybe they are doing it to earn extra money to pay for the gas in that thing, we pondered. Of course, it doesn't seem economical to deliver papers in a Hummer either.

Mardi Gras preparations are coming along nicely. We all were given cardboard cutouts of figures we had to paint so they could be attached to a float that we would ride on and put our head above the cutouts. Mine is a woman bare-chested with jeans on. Maris put together a Mermaid. Tracy’s is a big burly guy. Should be interesting to see what people come up with as there are so many artists in the group.

John- upstairs, I know you are reading this. Thanks again for having such a ‘quiet’ party – we appreciate it. We owe you – we would like to take you out to dinner before we move.

Jim is making great improvements at our old store The Sage Post. He expanded and added a coffee bar. He will be serving food with coffee now and will make the back part of the store primarily for books. If you are in town, you’ll have to stop and see how the progress is going – he is located on the top street in town near the Haunted Hamburger and near the Jerome Winery.

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