Friday, April 08, 2005

Mile High Grill Open

Liz and Jet's new restaurant is finally open - The Mile High Grill. Great food and atmosphere. New place for us to hang out at night. Restaurant on one side, bar on the other, bed and breakfast upstairs. They named a drink after us on the menu - Pam and Tray's Bloody Mary. Long story behind that one, you will have to ask.

The studio is coming together, it is located next to the store. Joanne and Tracy can get busy on their journal making, collages, etc. I probably will continue to paint while in the store, gives me something to do in between customers. Joanne is already planning Margarita parties and get-togethers. It should get quite festive up here.

Started painting about four weeks ago. Sold my first painting to a couple - that was very validating. I find that I like to portray Jerome buildings and homes, almost in a folkart type of way. I like to use a lot of color and life in my work.

Wonderful folks came in today who were born and raised in Jerome, left in the 50s when the mines closed. The gentleman had great stories to share about Jerome and Clarkdale.

Our Madam Jennie's Hooker Bar came in. It is a Belgium Chocolate with a wrapper we designed, a photo of the prostitutes from Jerome in the 1890s, all standing together on the porch. We will follow it with a Biker Bar and Gay Bar. Any ideas???
We bought a new Jeep Wrangler, Flame Red. When the truck isn't running for the Ugly Truck Tours, we can now offer Jeep tours. Haven't had the top off too often yet, still a little chilly. By May, I'm sure we will be roaring and ready.

So, that is all that is fit to spit in Jerome!!!

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