Saturday, January 22, 2005

Annie Proulx

Feeling like Spring in Jerome - weather is up to 70 degrees -yes!!! Of course it will get cold again before the real heat hits in May, but gotta love this weather.

I finished my Annie Proulx interview and article - it will publish in Arizona Monthly ( in March. Was a tough interview. Successful writer's, I'm sure, get tired of being bugged by the press. I admire the fact she lives a simple life in a small town, despite her prestige, that of winning the Pulitzer Prize. I noticed that in her writing, descriptions of nature or emotions aren't your usual recognitions of life as usual, but comparisons to how things function - like how paper is made is made a metaphor to the sky, etc. She said she carries around a notebook, takes lots of notes on conversations overheard, research on odd topics, unusual signs or billboards, or just strange human behavior. A student of life - something her mother taught her as an artist.

Jerome is in its same state of mind. We had friends in from LA, showed them all the art galleries, bars, and took them to lunch. One couldn't believe we could live in such a small town. Her sister, an artist, loved it. For some, this town lacks the busyness required for their comfort zone. For others, like ourselves, the quietude contributes to our comfort and the lack of Super Walmarts and franchises makes it feel more sane.

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